73 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

S6E23 - Bye Week Surprise!

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OHIO STATE vs MARYLAND ...is cancelled.

Does this suck? Yup. But you know what, it could have been a lot worse and The SloopCast will tell you why. The SlooPicks march on, and a lot more on this episode of the SloopCast.

The “a lot more”:
How does this affect Ohio State’s playoff picture?
How does this affect the OSU vs Indiana game?
Mass cancellations impact an already weak week of games.
Should the CFB Playoff be pushed back?
Can Cincy be stopped?
PSU isn’t this bad, right?
Boston College putting ND on upset alert?
Is Michigan heading into a beating?
Northwestern? Sure why not…
Don’t cash out for tickets.
Is Indiana now THE game on the schedule?
Step Brothers… Am I right?

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