5 minutes | Mar 12, 2018

BSlicksessful 003.5: Quick Tip On The Power of Reading, Speaking, and Listening

Episode 3.5 of The BSlicksessful Podcast! In this episode, I talk about the importance of effective reading, speaking, and listening. Although it's something simple, it's not something we really think about on a daily basis, and can really help us be more successful! Sponsor Info: The Bromingos, on Youtube and Mixer! bit.ly/BromigoDiscord bit.ly/BromigoCraig bit.ly/BromigoDave bit.ly/BromigoShads bit.ly/BromigoEffect2o bit.ly/BromigoMango bit.ly/BromigoAce If you have any questions, comments, or praise, please direct it to bslicksessful@gmail.com! If you would like to support this Podcast, as I run it on zero budget, please visit the Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/bslicksessful Podcast Intro Music by BSlick Podcast Intro VO by Bethany Kim Bethany's Contact Info: -Twitter: @Bethify -Discord: Bethany#0410 -IG: @Bethifyy
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