97 minutes | Dec 31, 2019

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Movie Review

Brothers Z is a monthly podcast that reviews science fiction and fantasy movies, talks sports, and sometimes dabbles in current events.  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2527338/fullcredits Introduction: Patriots, Vikings, Packers banter Star Wars reflections This is the end of a saga Q: favorable early memory about Star Wars? Q: what had you interested in Star Wars in 1977/1980? Transitions in the saga 1983-1998, 15-year drought in movies Originals were earthy, lived in, and aesthetically grounded while the prequels were digitally constructed and plastic 2002-1015 gap Prequels set the bar low, Force Awakens (12/2015) awoke the fan base – then came Last Jedi (12/2017) – expectations plummeted for this movie. Then we get Rise (12/2019).. Here’s the basic Story (spoilers) 32:00 Rey is in search of her parent’s true identity and her own personal sense of identity and purpose The resistance in pieces and we quickly learn that Palpatine has been alive this whole time pulling strings to destroy Rey and the resistance. Kylo Ren wants to be the most powerful in the galaxy, force connection with Rey, how will that play out? What worked? What didn’t? 65 minutes what should the final trilogy have been about? Retreat from the things that made things interesting: good, bad, mystic, heroes, etc. RATINGS:
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