70 minutes | Mar 22, 2020


The Broth3rs Z discuss top 5 things to do during the quarantine  What to do during a Quarantine Broth3rs Z Top 5 Movies to watch during a Pandemic induced Quarantine **Ground rules: Tom is not allowed to choose a Hulk or Godzilla movie unless he actually thinks its a good movie. Peter is not allowed to choose a movie outside of the original Star Wars original trilogy. And, John can’t watch the Blue and the Grey from the 1980’s. That makes you a traitor Tom. Sports: Replay of the 1992 NFC championship game Niners/Cowboys 1991 game 7 world series - Jack Morris pitched a 10 inning complete game 1-0 victory Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. Tommy “the Hitman” Hearns ESPN 30-for-30 films NFL Networks 1967 Packers 2004 ALCS 1978 World Series Movies: Tom: Alien Parasite John: The Arrival Deep Space 9 World War Z The Mummy The Mummy Returns Peter: Sahara Deadpool The Party Delicatessen Zombieland John’s Southwest US trip
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