75 minutes | Jan 25, 2020

NFL Playoff Talk 2020

The Both3rsZ is a "every now and then" Podcast where three brothers get together and discuss science fiction movies, football, and reminisce over childhood memories.  Theme song: https://soundcloud.com/virtualmaxx/souko NFL Playoff Talk Scoreboard watching: Divisional round: Minnesota is humiliated by Niners - 27-10. The Vikes have one good win against the Saints every other year. Packer’s pounce on Hawks - 28-24. Good win but not confidence-building for Pack Texans vomit lead and lose to Chiefs - To everyone else in the league, this is what it looks like when you draft the right QB. Titats remove the Ravens - The young QB is the reason they got there and the reason they didn’t advance. Conference championship games: Historically, the Niners have been in 16 which is the most in the conference followed by the Cowboys with 14 (it's been 25 years - let that sink in) The Packers have been in 8. The Niners have the most losses, 9. The Cowboys have the most wins, 8 Niners dismantle the Pack The Steelers have been in 16 followed by the Patriots with 15. The Patriots have won 11, the Steelers have lost 8. Chiefs are too much for the upstart Titans The Big Game: Patriots have been in 11 (record) and won 6 (record shared with Steelers). The Cowboys, Steelers, Broncos, and Niners have been in 8. The Lions, Jaguars, and Texans have never sniffed a big game. Chiefs/Niners prognostication Facts: Niners are there for the 7th time. They are 5-1 with a chance to equal the Patriots Chiefs are in the big game for the 3rd time. They have a 1-1 record but it's been 50 years. Theme song: https://soundcloud.com/virtualmaxx/souko
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