70 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

The Sisters of Mercy-Floodland

Ryan has a very special guest for this episode of The Broken Record Player Podcast! Matt Vowles, the man behind the Gothic Rock band Black Angel, is here to talk about one of his favorite albums of all time: Floodland by The Sisters of Mercy. Ryan and Matt talk about how The Sisters of Mercy, and this album in particular, influenced Matt’s music, how the record was mostly an Andrew Eldritch solo record, and how he’s not too fond of his music being labeled as goth. Ultimately, Floodland is a catchy, dark, and timeless album that took The Sisters of Mercy to new heights, and created hit songs played in Goth clubs all over the world. Black Angel’s third album Prince of Darkness is out June 18. Be sure to pick up a copy here: www.blackangelmusic.bandcamp.com 
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