81 minutes | May 14, 2021

Alice Cooper-Billion Dollar Babies

On this latest episode of The Broken Record Player Podcast, I am joined once again by the host of the Metal From the Inside podcast, Sydney Taylor! Sydney sits down with me to discuss an iconic album from her favorite artist of all time, Alice Cooper! In fact, on her podcast Metal From the Inside, Sydney recently sat down with Alice Cooper and interviewed him. Make sure you check that interview out because it’s really fascinating, and Alice is on point as always. Billion Dollar Babies was the biggest, most epic, and most successful album the Alice Cooper band released up to that point. Featuring hit songs like “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” ''Billion Dollar Babies,” “Elected,” and “I Love the Dead,” Billion Dollar Babies told one story after another ranging from politics to bad dental trips, from road trips gone wrong to the real life controversies created by uptight politicians and parents. At the end of the day, this album is fun, theatrical, hard rockin, and makes you feel like you’re at some macabre carnival where only you, the audience, the band, and Alice, are in on the joke. 
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