31 minutes | Jun 18th 2020

Aligning D&I to Business Strategy with Grady Crosby

In the second of four episodes with Milwaukee-area diversity and inclusion leaders, Ridley I speak with Grady Crosby, chief diversity officer at Johnson Controls. Our conversation touches on how to align D&I efforts a businesses strategy, measuring the results of those efforts and celebrating successes along the way.

Crosby said the number one thing employees can do at Johnson Controls is solve problems for customers. As a result the company needs to have thought diversity and a diversity of people to be able to offer a range of choices to customers

“It’s important because it actually speaks to our sustainability as a viable business concern, unless we’re able to provide solutions that customers need, we won’t be relevant,” Crosby said. “The only way we provide those solutions is having access to the broadest array of though and that means we have to be attractive to talent markets that are out there.”