38 minutes | Apr 5th 2021

Feel Better Step 2: Explore

In today’s episode, Elena kicks off week 2 of her free How to Feel Better 4-week program. What is the second step you need to take if you want to start feeling better? Explore.This episode is for you if: You are ready to engage with your emotions and want to do so in a healthy way You would like some coping strategies to navigate intense emotions You’re ready to feel betterClick here for full show notes, including everything mentioned. Sign-up for the (free!) How to Feel Better 4-week programMentioned in This EpisodeFeel Better (Free 4-Week Program): Sign-up to get all resources Elena mentioned in today and will be sharing in the upcoming daily episodes.Friends of the Podcast (opportunity to sponsor Elena's work)National Domestic Violence Hotline (if you do not feel safe at home)Dr. Nicholas Christakis on the Ten Percent Happier podcastBright Morning Team Instagram account (follow along!)
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