61 minutes | May 4th 2020

GETTING THROUGH COVID-19 | James Marshall w Brett Campbell | TBCS 018

James Marshall is a driven public practice professional who has developed a client and team base that has broad capabilities. James is the Managing Director of MWM Advisory – Commercial Advisors and Accountants.


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About James Marshall

James Marshall is the director of MWM Advisory – Commercial Advisors and Accountants, one of the Gold Coast’s biggest accounting firms. He’s a driven public practice professional who has many insights to share across accounting, business and mind set.

About the Episode

In this episode James and Brett discuss;

  • James’ upbringing, background and how he came to accounting
  • How accounting can be customised to each client
  • All things Covid19 – what we should be doing now and in the future
  • Why we shouldn’t be making big economic decisions right now, and what we can do instead
  • What business owners needs to be aware of through these uncertain times
  • Getting back to your ‘why’
  • How embracing change will help you come out on top

    And so much more…
More About James Marshall

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-marshall-3a770031/

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