58 minutes | Oct 2nd 2020

Season 4 - Episode 27: Dan Paulson

This is The Breakthrough Show, THE personal and spiritual development talk show changing how you look at and live your life!   On this episode, we're chatting with 2 amazing entrepreneurs who each have some amazing advice for your life and business, alike! First up we're talking to Jeff Brandeis about different types of learning and how knowing that about yourself, your employees, your clients... and yes, even your family members... can make ALL the difference! Then we're sitting down with a midwest entrepreneur, Dan Paulson, to talk about how "working hard" may not be worth it!   Ask us about our Patreon, sponsoring an episode, or becoming a friend to the show by emailing us at business@thebreakthroughshow.com.   You can find all our show notes, links to connect with today's guests, and watch all past episodes of the show on our website: www.thebreakthroughshow.com