71 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

Episode 90 - The Problem With Edibles Solved?

It took someone with the culinary skills of Anthony Bourdain and the persistence of a mad scientist to attack the edible dilemma. Meet Ron Silver.

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Back when we started this podcast we interviewed Ron Silver, then Chef and Owner of the NYC restaurant Bubby’s for nearly three decades. The title of “chef” isn’t really an accurate way to describe Ron. He’s an original, a painter, a writer, a thinker and, as it turned out, a home chemist, a restless, curious, creative -- the kind of person that makes New York a great place to live.

Back in 2018, Ron was trying to solve the problem of edibles. He was unsatisfied having to wait hours for effects to kick in and most people he knew had no idea how to dose them. Edibles can be complicated to gauge because THC and CBD both have to pass through the digestive tract and then the liver, before they can be metabolized into the bloodstream. [Hint: If you’re new to edibles, start with 5 mg THC. If that doesn’t take you where you want to go, escalate to 10 mg. Go slow from there or you may find yourself cowering in a corner from over consuming]. 

As a chef, Ron was also bothered by the grassy, barnyard taste that cannabis oils tend to have once extracted.

Fast forward to today and Ron has cracked the code of edible dosing and taste with his line of products called Azuca. The line has three products to date, CBD infused sugar, simple syrup and chocolate coins, and a whole lot more including some incredible THC “electrolytes” is on the way as you’ll learn in this podcast. He also struck a partnership deal with Wana Brands in Colorado, which earlier this year released Quick fast-acting gummies in Strawberry Margarita, Peach Bellini and Indici Pina Colada flavors. All produce delicious effects in 10-15 minutes using Azuca technology.

Ron was one of the earliest supporters of this podcast. He is a great interview and I’m thrilled to have him back again. 


Dr. Chin has written another excellent blog on using cannabis meds to help COVID-related PTSD. Another incredible story on how these meds can work for people who have cycled through every pharma product in the book. Have a look at it on our medical cannabis education site, Medical Cannabis Mentor.

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