29 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

171: Shifting Focus from Results to Owning Your Practices with Kiley Schmitz

How do we keep showing up and continuing our practices when we don't get the immediate results and outcomes we want? Kylie Schmitz is a performance coach with Lappin180 who coaches sales professionals across the U.S. to stop selling. Kiley also co-hosts the Breaking Sales podcast.

In this episode, we're shifting focus from outcomes and results to practices and processes.

We also talk about how starting a podcast has impacted business development and helped Kiley in her own growth.

Moments of Brassy Brilliance

[7:14] How podcasting has made Kiley more mindful of the words she is using and how she is speaking

[9:08] What happens when you shift your mindset from outcomes to practice

[14:33] What are you doing to own your processes?

[16:00] How to ditch your scarcity mindset

[23:34] Using failure and resilience to show you where your edges are

[24:19] How do you balance then that desire for more and for high performance with I'm enough?

Links and Resources Mentioned

Breaking Sales Podcast



The Whoop Podcast https://www.whoop.com/thelocker/podcast-69-dr-andrew-huberman-stanford-neuroscientist/

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