28 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

170: Starting a Podcast to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking with Dr. Charmaine Gregory

Public speaking can be a crippling fear. I wonder how many of us it keeps from really reaching our full potential. I've had to get a handle on my own fears around speaking and performing in public. I'm still a bundle of nerves before I hit the stage and it doesn't matter if it's a speaking gig or I'm playing music.

Joining Toastmasters helped me significantly. It gave me confidence because it forced me to practice. My guest today, Dr. Charmaine Gregory, started a podcast.

Dr. G is an emergency room, physician, entrepreneur, and host of the fearless freedom podcast with Dr. 

Moments of Brassy Brilliance

[3:29] How podcasting helped Dr. G overcome her fear of public speaking

[5:12] Can podcasting really change your life?

[9:29] Turning podcasting skills into a new business

[17:58] Discerning when to invest money and time into a tool or program

[21:22] Developing the bulletproof mindset necessary for entrepreneurship

[25:16] Wise perspective from an ER physician

The Practices That Keep Dr. G Grounded and Growing

[23:33] Exercise and Gratitude

Connect with Dr. Charmaine Gregory

FB/IG/LI/YT: Charmaine Gregory MD

Twitter: @CharmsFitDoc

FB/IG/LI: Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Website: ferventlyfitwithcharmaine.com

Podcast: ferventlyfit.libsyn.com

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