29 minutes | Dec 4, 2020

Episode 50: What I've Learned in Year One

Happy Birthday to The Brand Boss Show!! 🎉 It's been a wild ride and an incredible first year. To celebrate, I thought I'd bring you something a little different in this episode and share 6 key things I've learned about life, business, and podcasting this year. Listen in for What I've Learned in Year One! Previous episodes referenced in this episode: Episode 35: Start Messy Episode 22: Leveraging the True Power of Instagram, ft. Ben Leavitt Episode 21: Does Your Business Need a Podcast? ft. Cassidyy Atkins Check out Cassiddy's course here!!: DIY Podcast Course by Cassidyy Atkins Episode 23: The 4 Things You Need to Know to Get Started (and Grow) on YouTube, ft. Heather Torres Episode 14: Dignifying Others with Value - the Disruptor of Emotional Intelligence, ft. Drew Neal Episode 13: Rebranding a Culture, ft. Dan Mori Episode 40: What's in Your Seed? Episode 43: The Real Reason for Marketing? Episode 49: The Sweet Spot, ft. Ryan Haley Connect with The Brand Boss Studio: https://brandbossstudio.com/ Come behind the scenes: https://www.instagram.com/thebrandbossshow/
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