70 minutes | Jun 14, 2017

EP129: Fame, TMZ, & Life After Reality TV w/ Guest Robinne Lee

Today we look at the weird world of celebrity and fame. We explore the gossip industry and examine the history of TMZ (which is actually really fascinating!). We talk about how violating it can be to have cameras around you all of the time, the obsessiveness of the paparazzi, and the ethics of journalism. Plus, we discuss the Britney Spears breakdown, and the way the public reacted to it, the Erin Andrews peephole nightmare, and the Beyonce elevator incident. Plus, we interview actress and new author Robinne Lee about her new book, The Idea of You, which explores these topics within the framework of a love story. Appearing in Fifty Shades Darker and Hitch, Lee knows firsthand what it's like to live in the spotlight. Hear her thoughts on fame and why women of a certain age become invisible in Hollywood and everywhere else!
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