42 minutes | May 29, 2017

#7 Does It Sound Like Gnomes Could Run A Bank? Book 2, Ch 1-4

In the seventh episode of The Boy Who Hasn't Lived, CJ and Arlie talk about chapters 1-4 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We're also joined by our friend Freddy McConnell, who owns a first edition copy of the Philosopher's Stone (sadly rendered worthless in a terrible accident involving his dad heavily underestimating the potential of this book series). This month we ponder where wizards get off thinking telephones are so weird when they go around sending messages by owl all the time, what Lucius Malfoy is doing selling naughty items at Borgin and Burkes, and whether Ginny is a giant lesbian.  * * * * * The Boy Who Hasn't Lived is a podcast about one friend forcing the other to read the entire Harry Potter book series for the first time.  Join your hosts CJ and Arlie, as CJ finally reads Harry Potter, and Arlie reads it for approximately the 1 millionth time. If you want to read along with CJ, in the next episode we will have read chapters 5-9 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. To find out more about The Boy Who Hasn't Lived, visit www.theboywhohasntlived.com, and follow CJ and Arlie on Twitter: @CJandArlie. Don't forget to subscribe to get a new episode every month! 
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