45 minutes | Jan 1, 2018

#13 Plurnij, Jurnipl, Lurpnij, Ipulrnj: Book 3, Ch 1-5

In the 13th episode of The Boy Who Hasn't Lived, CJ and Arlie talk about chapters 1-5 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. CJ is looking for Voldemort around every corner. Even really unlikely corners. Even corners that aren't really corners. JK very successfully throws us off the Sirius Black scent, and we have to announce a Major Incident.  * * * * * The Boy Who Hasn't Lived is a podcast about one friend forcing the other to read the entire Harry Potter book series for the first time.  Join your hosts CJ and Arlie, as CJ finally reads Harry Potter, and Arlie reads it for approximately the 1 millionth time. If you want to read along with CJ, in the next episode we will have read chapters 6-8 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. To find out more about The Boy Who Hasn't Lived, visit www.theboywhohasntlived.com, and follow CJ and Arlie on Twitter: @CJandArlie.
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