48 minutes | Feb 25, 2020

The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby

Welcome to another episode of the Bowie Book Club, where wild speculation and grasping for straws about Bowie’s favorite books has reigned supreme since 2016. This time we read a wide-ranging screed on the intellectual wasteland of current American culture - Susan Jacoby's The Age of American Unreason. And Greg reveals his ignorance of fairly recent presidential elections. Fun! #tuesdaygoths Buy This Months Book at Bookshop Subscribe! iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Follow us! (Not in a creepy way) Twitter Facebook Instagram Web Presence Stuff we Mentioned Roderick's Chamber Telling Lies The Bloody Mary Incident PC Jr Max Headroom Anti-Intellectualism in American Life by Richard Hofstader Educated popped collars In the Land of Self Defeat Why We're Polarized These Truths 1619 Project Elliot Bay Book Company Holy Blood, Holy Grail Foucault's Pendulum Master and Commander F&W Classical Music James Michener We didn't mention it, but the James Michener Art Museum is pretty rad Our Herzog episode Lori Goldston - the greatest, seriously. The Yellow House Inland What's Up Next McTeague!! - you're off the force!! What Song Did We Choose?
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