48 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

Journey Into the Whirlwind by Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg

Welcome to another episode of the Bowie Book Club, where wild speculation and grasping for straws about Bowie’s favorite books has reigned supreme since 2016. This time we read Journey Into the Whirlwind by Eugenia Ginzburg, a memoir of one incredibly strong woman's survival in Stalin's Reign of Terror. Subscribe! iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Follow us! (Not in a creepy way) Twitter Facebook Instagram Web Presence Stuff we Mentioned The much harder to find second installment of Ginzburg's memoir. The recent NY Times article about this area of Siberia and how climate change is affecting it so many articles about Bowie's trans-Siberian trip here's the fancy way to travel by train across Siberian these days. Our episode on the very real and not fake Communist comic book Octobriana Pushing Ahead of the Dame on Wild is the Wind Our Favorite 2020 Books We both agreed that that The Street was our favorite Bowie Book of the year - check out our episode on it. We also agreed that Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead was in our top list. Other than that (in no order): Kristianne Wolf Hall, Bring Up The Bodies and The Mirror and the Light Girl, Woman, Other Their Eyes Were Watching God These Truths Greg Deacon King Kong The Overstory The Yellow House Hamnet Washington Black The Essex Serpent - the author also wrote Melmoth, which we couldn't remember despite our best efforts. What's Up Next Mystery Train by Greil Marcus What Song Did We Choose? and maybe, just for the holiday season:
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