68 minutes | Mar 17th 2018

Jack Fultz and One Hot Day

Jack Fultz, born in Northwestern Pennsylvania as the sixth of seven children, grew his running career through high school, the University of Arizona, the Coast Guard, and Georgetown. In an attempt to qualify for the 1976 Olympic Trials, Fultz needed a sub-2:20 marathon performance in Boston to hit the standard. As he arrived in Hopkinton on Patriots’ Day 1976, the mercury reached to 100 degrees. In what’s famously remembered as “the run for the hoses”, Fultz picked off one opponent at a time, grabbed whatever water the spectators put out along the course, and prevailed to win. He sits down with B.A.A. CEO Tom Grilk to talk about his 1976 victory, and his other Boston appearances through the 1970s.
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