70 minutes | Mar 27th 2018

Dave McGillivray's Endless Run

In the world of running, Dave McGillivray has covered a lot of ground, from running a shoe store, to training with world class athletes, and now serving as the Boston Marathon race director. He's also run across the United States twice, and has run more than 150 marathons and "about" 150,000 miles in his life. Now, as leader of Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises, he leads many races around the country, and is always looking for his next accomplishment. Though it all, there is the matter of being a husband and the father of five - a role he cherishes deeply, and especially in the wake of a health scare. Dave dishes on all these roles, decades of running tales, and whether he continues to believe, as he has often been heard to say, that sleep is overrated.
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