53 minutes | Feb 4th 2021

Episode 14: Learning to Pivot with Stacey Owen

On this week's episode, Kenn and Cass sit down with CEO and founder of Pepper, Stacey Owen. Stacey is a photographer who transformed her life through her passion, catapulting her from "solopreneur" to the leader of a successful creative marketing agency in Kamloops BC.During the conversation, Stacey imparts her best marketing advice for creatives or small businesses, and she explains her transformative leadership style. The girls also discuss how to keep business collaborative, the importance of leading my example, and how #pivot when something unexpected (like a global pandemic) occurs. Stacey explains her career journey from wedding to boudoir photographer, and from marketing agency CEO to worldwide conference creator.Stacey also opens up about the brave steps she took to be in charge of her own life, and how it is her mission to ensure other women have the ability to do the same.Check out Pepper at www.meetpepper.ca and on Instagram @meet.pepper. Also, check out www.conferenceandchill.com to get your tickets to upcoming photo gatherings. As always, follow the Boss Chick's on Instagram @thebosschickproject, @cassandramilk and @kenn_gabrielle_ DM us if you have any questions to be featured on the podcast!
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