14 minutes | Dec 12, 2020

Why Taiwan for your Startup? - Elisa Chiu (Anchor Taiwan | Anchor Venture Partners)

Full episode & notes: https://bordersless.com/business/elisa-chiu-anchor-taiwan/Note: this is a snippet from the Professional Development Forum (PDF), an organisation that aims to help professionals find career fulfillment. To find out more about about PDF, please visit their website.About Anchor TaiwanEstablished in 2017, Anchor Taiwan is an Entrepreneurial Residency, Tech Community & Investor Network designed to tackle your soft landing in Asia through Taiwan. In 2019, Elisa Chiu launched Anchor Venture Partners, an early stage cross-border investment platform to combine her passion for startups and her expertise in capital markets. To find out more, please visit: https://www.anchortaiwan.com/about/
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