53 minutes | Mar 25, 2020

Building Bridges Between Australia & Southeast Asia: Thomas Da Jose (AASYP & Masy Consultants)

Thomas Da Jose is an aspiring humanitarian engineer who is on the journey to making a world that isn’t good for a small few, but one that’s good for everyone. Listen to the podcast to find out how he plans to actively make meaningful change and improve people’s lives across the Southeast Asia region. In this interview we talk about:his experiences in Southeast Asia on the New Colombo Plan Scholarship,what inspired him to cofound Masy Consultants and the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership,how he’s navigating unprecedented events like COVID-19,how young Australians can get involved in the Southeast Asia and contribute to regional affairs and issues,his commitment to health, sanitation, disaster resilience and connectivity in the region.Show Notes can be found here: https://bordersless.com/business/australia-southeast-asia-thomas-da-jose/Links for more information:To find out more about how you can contribute to Australia-ASEAN regional matters, please visit: https://aasyp.org/To find out more about Thomas’ projects in the Phillipines, visit: https://www.masyconsultants.org/If you are an Australian undergraduate between the ages of 18-28, and are passionate about building relationships and experiences in the Indo-Pacific, consider applying for New Colombo Plan scholarship. More information here: https://www.dfat.gov.au/people-to-people/new-colombo-plan/about/Pages/aboutTimestamps:0:37 – Introduction and background.3:50 – What is the New Colombo Plan Scholarship?7:10 – Thomas’ experience in Thailand and Southeast Asia on the New Colombo Plan Scholarship.13:20 – Difficulties of utilising your international experiences back in Australia, some thoughts on international companies.19:20 – How Thomas is dealing with COVID-19.23:30 – What is AASYP?27:50 – How to get more young Australians involved in Asia?32:45 – What is Masy Consultants? Projects and pilots.39:20 – Navigating between Philippino and Australian culture.42:30 – Are you seeing many young Asian-Australians involved in similar humanitarian projects?47:00 – How to contact Thomas or get involved, biggest issues and opportunities in Southeast Asia, final words.
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