45 minutes | Jun 4, 2019

"Homer at the Bat" vs "The Heartbroke Kid" w/ Will Monson

In the first 100% sober-recorded episode, improviser, comedian, and writer/producer for The Rip-off Show Will Monson comes by to discuss what may be one of the most memorable episode of the Simpsons, S03E17 "Homer at the Bat". We cover a lot of ground on some of the visual goofs and references in the episode and then we turn fast forward 13 years into the future to S16E17 "The Heartbroke Kid", and episode where bart gets hooked on junk food and gets super unhealthy. Follow Will at @repatrroar on all social media Follow us at @blurst_oftimes Thanks to Dankmus for the theme music! Hosted by Geoffrey Gauchet - @animatedGeoff
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