117 minutes | Jul 30, 2019

"Bart vs. Australia" vs "The Color Yellow" w/ Brad Trenery

This week, Geoffrey's joined by his Australian-born friend Brad Trenery to discuss Season 6, Episode 16 "Bart vs. Australia". Brad talks about growing up in Australia and what is was like watching The Simpsons there. He also explains some of the Australian references in the episode like "Waltzing Matilda", the frogs, "shrimp on the barbie", and yes, he does tell us which way the toilets flow! After that, we discuss Season 21, Episode 13 "The Color Yellow" wherein we find out The Simpson family is apparently descendants of slaves. Yep. Follow us on Twitter at @blurst_oftimes Shout out to Dankmus for the theme music! @dankmus on Twitter
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