9 minutes | Oct 19, 2018

Writing Good Quality Blog Content – An Alternative Approach

Today I thought I’d try something a bit different, and do a slightly shorter episode about a topic in blogging that’s more of a discussion point I want to talk about. That’s quality blog content. What does quality content actually mean, and why is writing quality content on our blogs important? I think sometimes the term ‘quality’ is used far too often and generally without actually being broken down as to what we actually mean by quality content Each blog is different and what is an awesome quality post for one blog might not be for another blog.   I want to discuss a slightly different way to think about what quality content actually is, and how you should think about quality content. If you’ve got any feedback for me, questions or topics you want me to cover in the blogging pod, or want to check out my blog then you find my contact details and do all that at - https://gilesmeetsworld.com/
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