16 minutes | Sep 20, 2018

The Reality Of Blogging In 2018 - Some Blogging Myths Busted

This episode is all about some realities and what it's actually like to be a blogger blogging in 2018. I want to bust some myths out there about how 'easy' blogging can be, and why not to believe those stories of instant success. I also want to explain some of the other aspects of blogging in today's quick moving digital world. This is all in the hope that I can make you feel better about where you are with your blog. We’re all in the same boat here trying to make our blogs work, and that those feelings, self doubts, or worries you’re having about blogging might be shared by others. If you’ve got any feedback for me or want to check out my blog then you can do all that at - https://gilesmeetsworld.com/  
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