29 minutes | Apr 2, 2019

Improving Blogging Productivity - An interview with Productivity Coach Peter Akkies

In today's episode I talk to productivity coach Peter Akkies. Peter is a professional productivity coach, and we discuss all sorts of things that will be helpful for being more productive with your blog. From how to produce content more consistently, to overcoming some of the mental barriers bloggers might face with producing content. Peter Akkies is a productivity coach. Among other things, he helps entrepreneurs build an audience through blogging consistently. You can find him over at peterakkies.net and his 30-Day Creator Challenge lives over at creatorchallenge.com. If you’ve got any feedback for me, questions or topics you want me to cover in the blogging pod, or want to check out my blog then you find my contact details and do all that at - https://gilesmeetsworld.com/
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