13 minutes | Jan 16, 2019

How Long Should You Spend Blogging?

I'm sure lots of you are thinking about blogging in 2019, and making resolutions to stick to in regards to your blog. So in this episode, I discuss how much time you should spend blogging. Also importantly, I go through why sometimes you need to be realistic with your blogging goals and not beat yourself up if for some reason or another you're not hitting them right now. It's better to set an easier goal you can hit. Than an over ambitious goal, you miss then stop completely as a result. So how long should we spend blogging and how can we fit in blogging alongside other activities? If you’ve got any feedback for me, questions or topics you want me to cover in the blogging pod, or want to check out my blog then you find my contact details and do all that at - https://gilesmeetsworld.com/
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