10 minutes | Mar 22, 2019

Are Blog Tags Useful?

Hello bloggers, today’s topic is tags. In this episode I’ll be going to going through basics about what blog tags are and how they should be used, so if you’re already a pro tagging your site correctly then go you. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a pro, and I didn’t tag my site correctly... Now I realise the best way to use them and the benefits proper tagging can have for your blog. In this episode I'll talk through tags, if they are useful, how useful they are, how you should use them, and also give advice based on my experience of sorting through them and cleaning up your blog tags. If you’ve got any feedback for me, questions or topics you want me to cover in the blogging pod, or want to check out my blog then you find my contact details and do all that at - https://gilesmeetsworld.com/
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