50 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

The Drivers Cooperative: Go Where Workers Are and Organize With Them

The Drivers Cooperative is a ride-hailing platform similar to Uber except owned by the workers not venture capital starting in NYC. They are currently having a fundraiser here where you can invest in and support the workers' movement in the US directly while receiving potentially a 2.5x return. For this interview, I spoke with Jason Prado (@jasonpjason), an ex-Silicon Valley developer and startup founder who left the Silicon Valley dream to  assist the 2020 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and current Chief Technologist of The Drivers Cooperative. He also has a Substack called Venture Commune.During the interview we discuss his journey from techno-utopian thinking to socialism and his thesis for how tech workers should be helping other workers build power. Hint: go where workers are and organize with them rather than try to build tech in a vacuum.  We also talk about some potential future ideas for leveraging crypto for The Drivers Cooperative similar to a DAO. If you're interested in joining the Drivers Coop  as a software developer, they are hiring! You can find open positions here.If you liked the podcast be sure to give it a review on your preferred podcast platform. If you find content like this important consider donating to my Patreon starting at just $3 per month. It takes quite a lot of my time and resources so any amount helps. Follow me on Twitter (@TBSocialist) and join the r/CryptoLeftists subreddit and Discord to join the discussion.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/theblockchainsocialist)
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