71 minutes | Jul 11, 2021

A Marxist POV of the Bitcoin Miami Conference

Although it feels like the Bitcoin Miami Conference was ages ago, it still only happened a little over a month ago. There were plenty of memorable events, like Laura Loomer heckling Jack Dorsey, the weird doge coin guy who took his pants off on stage, and the announcement that El Salvador will pass a law to make bitcoin legal tender. It's obvious that many bitcoiners would celebrate the announcement as a legitimation of their favorite coin, but what would be an appropriate Marxist analysis of the conference and bitcoin?This week I spoke with Taryn Fivek (@tarynfivek), an adjunct lecturer of economics at John Jay College and a PhD student at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York, studying Economic Geography with the Earth and Environmental Science Program. Her professional background includes food server and delivery driver, union organizer, journalist, researcher, and public information officer with the International Organization for Migration. She also attended the Bitcoin Miami Conference as part of her research.During the episode we spoke about her experience at the Bitcoin Miami Conference, the many contradictions that were present, and her sensible approach to how the left should view bitcoin.More from Taryn FivekTaryn on recent inflation fearsPodcast Platforms:SpotifyiTunesStitcherPodcast AddictDeezerIf you liked the podcast be sure to give it a review on your preferred podcast platform. If you find content like this important consider donating to my Patreon starting at just $3 per month. It takes quite a lot of my time and resources so any amount helps. Follow me on Twitter (@TBSocialist) and join the r/CryptoLeftists subreddit and Discord to join the discussion.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/theblockchainsocialist)
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