51 minutes | Oct 16, 2020

Your Man O'Shea - Ice Cube, his CWBA, and public response

This conversation started on SEVEN.community and lead to us inviting Dwayne Meekins to the podcast. Host: Bryndan Moore Co Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry Guest: Dwayne Meekins Dwayne's original response to the discussion on SEVEN... "For real?! Ironically, he’s terribly tone deaf to have been in the music industry his whole life. He’s fallen for the banana in the tail pipe bit that there is no difference between the parties. Were he attempting to have this conversation 25 years ago, he might be on to something. What he’s saying makes sense ... in 1996. Running this out now is dangerous and reckless, especially with his voice and platform. One party actually believes in democracy. The other doesn’t. Two of our last 5 presidential elections were won by the party that LOST the popular vote. Those presidents, W and the current occupant of the WH, will have seated 5 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices assuming this Barrett confirmation goes through. That matters. The members of that party in Congress represent something like 38 million FEWER people than the Congressional members of the party who actually won the popular vote in those elections. So what we have now is called “Minority Rule”. That party has basically gutted the Voting rights act because they know their base is dwindling and the fewer folks who vote, the better things are for them. They are stacking the courts so when their minority rule is challenged, they can take you to court and they’ll WIN. It won’t matter if you’re right. Our kids and grandkids are going to end up fighting some of the same battles our grandparents fought. That’s a failure on our part. We’re supposed to move the ball forward. Major regressions have happened on our watch due to the actions of one party and we want to play the false equivalency card? One party wants to take us backwards. Back to Leave it to Beaver times when things were great ... for straight white men. I can have a real conversation with somebody who’s ok with me being in the room. I can’t have an honest convo with somebody who wants to go back to when we couldn’t even have lunch together. Cats thinking like Cube are the reason we’re in this mess now because they didn’t vote last time or they let their misogyny get the best of them and didn’t vote for the person who is probably the most qualified person ever to run for President in this country. Don’t need Cube’s partially informed and poorly timed viewpoint right now. He can have that conversation when shit is normal. That’s likely why folks are mad at Cube. We no longer live in a functional democracy. Do you realize that? Mofos legit straight ignorin subpoenas from CONGRESS! The Pres incites political violence. You remember anybody seriously planning to kidnap a Governor before? Recall maybe. Kidnap? Nah. That’s what you get when the big guy says “Liberate your states!” The Justice Dept is acting as this cats personal law firm! NONE of this shit is normal. None of it! And Cube wants to have a discussion like we’re living in normal times. We aren’t. WE ARE NOT! Fuck that. Nah Be. Cube is wrong. If you know his people, I’ll tell him and explain why he’s wrong. He needs to understand what he’s dealing with and it doesn’t sound like he does. The guy in the WH is literally the founder’s worst nightmare and folks like Cube are going to help get him re-elected. This democracy will not survive another 4 years of this guy. He’s done a tremendous amount of damage already discrediting the FBI and our entire Intelligence community. Compromising the Justice Dept, casting doubt on the validity of elections, etc. I have serious concerns about how long it will take us to recover if he loses, but we’ll be a failed state if he wins." --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theblackfuturist/message
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