24 minutes | Jul 13, 2020

Black Leadership, Integration, and HBCUs with David Banner

Before podcasting was a thing, there were still great conversations. As a guy whose father was locally known as the Black MacGuyver, I was blessed with having the context for understanding technology.  Radio Shack was just a bike ride away when we were kids, and my friends and I experimented with components regularly. Roundup Radio was a way for me to gather friends to have critical conversations in the Black community. We shared them via youtube at the time. This episode of The Black Futurist is a throwback, which you'll no doubt discover due to the sound quality, but the quality of the discussion is top notch and as relevant today as it was a decade ago. Guests: David Banner - Rapper, producer, now host of the David Banner podcast Maurice Dolberry - Now Dr. Maurice Dolberry Lavell Flamon - Architect, Electrician, Investor --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theblackfuturist/message
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