59 minutes | Jun 27th 2013

The Bitter Bistro Podcast 105

I'm Joey Rockenstein, a.k.a. "Bitter Party of 1," the leader of the server revolution and your host of The Bitter Bistro. I've worked in the service industry for 15 years and I know one thing is for certain... customers have lost their frickin' minds! I am taking the power back from them and putting it back where it belongs, in the hands of the servers and bartenders. Continuing to give the power back to servers and bartenders, the bitter host Joey Rockenstein--a.k.a. "Bitter, Party of 1," along with guest Beth Scherr Haggerty, and guest co-host Meredith Green discuss how to get better service in a restaurant/bar, customers "relieving" themselves in places other than the bathroom, and another edition of the "LA Yelp Diaries." Bitter Party of 1 @thebitterbistro Beth Haggerty @bash912 Meredith Green www.facebook.com/meredith.rockenstein --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thebitterbistro/message
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