132 minutes | Mar 31st 2020

Bilbcast - Supercut 3

This is Supercut 3 of the Bilbcast, a combination of episodes 7, 8 and 9 with no breaks between. Just like the regular podcast, this Bilbcast is a very relaxed, very happy podcast that’s simply just a good boy purring.

The Supercut is great if you have insomnia, or if you want to relax for an hour, or want to get some studying done with a supportive boy by your side. Supercuts are always free, but Patrons get access to them 7 days before everyone else. This time, due to so many people experiencing isolation right now, this one is out for everyone at once.

Thanks so much to Axe, highlighted Patreon supporter for Supercut 3!

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Title music used with the kind permission of The Rubberbandits. Copyright 2019 ellenfromnowon. All rights reserved.

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