53 minutes | Feb 12th 2021

Paul Smith on the Ten Stories You Need To Tell

What’s the one thing you should never say when telling a story? Tune in to today’s episode where Andy Murray talks to Paul Smith, best-selling author and business storytelling coach, about crafting 10 powerful stories to effectively communicate your mission, vision and values, and how to overcome the fear that goes along with this right brain method of leading and earning buy-in. For more information on the bigQUEST Framework, find us at bigQUEST.com.Guest Links:www.bigQUEST.comAndy Murray- LinkedInAndy Murray- TwitterbigQUEST- TwitterbigQUEST- LinkedIn bigQUEST- InstagramPAUL SMITH:www.leadwithastory.comPaul Smith - LinkedInLead With A Story - TwitterLead With A Story - YouTubeLead With A Story - InstagramLead With A Story - FacebookLead With A Story - BlogEpisode LinksIn today's conversation, Andy and Paul mentioned many companies, foundations, and products. For ease of reference, we have linked those here.Procter & Gamble - https://www.pg.comSaatchi & Saatchi X - http://saatchix.netMerck Pharmaceuticals - https://www.merck.com VMLYR (referenced as Y&R) - https://www.vmlyr.comJames Watt And The Steam Engine by H. W. Dickinson & Rhys JenkinsWalmart - https://www.walmart.com
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