27 minutes | Sep 27th 2020

San Banerjee: It is important to understand how tech enables healthcare keeping people and processes in mind

In this episode, San Banerjee, Vice President of Digital Experience at Texas Health Resources, discusses how they create a connected ecosystem to provide a seamless digital experience for patients wherever they are through digital channels that includes virtual health.

Texas Health Resources completed 100,000 virtual visits in the first ninety days of the pandemic. San says that as we move forward in healthcare, people will get accustomed to using virtual care delivery mechanisms, which will increase its acceptance further. San defines digital front doors as an access mechanism for patients to get services they are looking for. On the other hand, from a consumer perspective, it is all about managing the consumer point of view to access the services that providers can offer.

Healthcare is not just about technology; it is a people-based business. San advises digital health startups to understand how technology enables the healthcare business while keeping in mind people and processes. Take a listen.

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