27 minutes | Sep 7th 2020

Puneet Maheshwari: Telemedicine will become a fundamental aspect of care delivery because of its effectiveness

In this episode, Puneet Maheshwari, CEO of DocASAP discusses their platform and their recent survey on consumer experience and attitudes to telehealth/ telemedicine.

Puneet believes that frictionless patient access is critical for reducing costs and improving health outcomes. COVID-19 has been a very high impact phenomenon for the healthcare industry. Their recent survey on telehealth consumer experience reveals that the telemedicine adoption rate increased by 92%. However we cannot think of telemedicine in a silo; we need to blend it into the overall care delivery continuum, which is a foundational piece that must be solved by healthcare providers in the future.

According to Puneet, The reason telemedicine is here to stay and become a fundamental aspect of care delivery is because of its efficiency and effectiveness.The biggest takeaway from their recent research is that telemedicine is opening the door to the digital practice of medicine and a digital-first care delivery model.

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