24 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

Pamela Landis: Financially, you can’t just buy the best-in-class, so we look at our legacy systems and tools first.

In this episode, Pamela Landis discusses how they brought together a ‘digital ecosystem,’ a.k.a. a digital front door strategy. She also talks about how they engage patients at every major touchpoint of their journey by providing a seamless digital experience that is intuitive, consumer-friendly, and easy to use. Healthcare is changing fast and patient needs must be addressed in a more front-facing way. While it is easy to look at best-in-class tools, financially they may not always make sense. At Hackensack Meridian, they first look at their legacy systems and tools to check for available core solutions to handle the digital patient engagement journey from a technology standpoint. Hackensack Meridian plans to invest more in transforming themselves into a digitally-enabled organization and serve the patients in a digitally-enabled way that is consumer-friendly, like Amazon. Take a listen.
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