30 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

Pamela Arora: Digital health is about applying digital capabilities across the care continuum to maximize efficacy and experience

In this episode, Pamela Arora, SVP and CIO of Children’s Health discusses how their holistic approach towards digital health is transforming the experience of their team members, providers, patients, and the whole continuum of care. At Children’s Health, digital health is about effectively applying digital capabilities across the continuum of care to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and experience. According to Pamela, by increasing the touchpoints and simplifying data across the care continuum healthcare organizations can deliver the three E’s: efficiency, effectiveness, and experience. However, one of the challenges in achieving this digital engagement in healthcare involves the data itself. If an organization is taking a patient-centric approach, continuity of data is critical. To ensure data flows easily across the continuum of care, it is important to promote interoperability initiatives across the healthcare organizations. Technology is the key element in any digital program of an organization. Assessing the right technology at the right time is crucial to enhance patient as well as provider experience. Other aspects while evaluating technology is to consider its ease of adaptability and reliability among providers so that they can deliver a seamless patient experience. Pamela suggests health systems to keep advancing with new technologies and start with pilot first approach and then scale up the process.
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