27 minutes | Sep 13th 2020

Marc Probst: To succeed with digital health is to become really good at technology integration

In this episode, Marc Probst, who served as CIO of Intermountain Healthcare for 17 years, speaks about digital health technologies, telehealth, virtual visits, and how these will determine the future of healthcare.

According to Marc, the top technology trends that will define the future of healthcare are interoperability and digital health technologies. He says that technology in healthcare should meet the needs of the population that we serve; they should communicate with each other and responsibly share data. Marc describes digital health as facilitating what we do today using digital mechanisms like telehealth and moving towards full interaction with technology, where technology will provide knowledge, capability, and expertise.

COVID-19 has accelerated healthcare industry’s adoption of digital capabilities such telehealth. Marc suggest that the health systems needs to ‘become really good at integration’ for a seamless digital health experience.

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