33 minutes | Nov 29th 2020

Daniel Nigrin: Data interaction with digital tools must be as easy and seamless as possible

In this episode, Daniel Nigrin discusses how digital at Boston Children’s Hospital is about transforming healthcare by improving the care experience for consumers, patients, families, and clinicians and their interaction with the health system. Digital transformations are disruptive for healthcare organizations. It leads to new ways of doing things and enables healthcare providers to care for patients in ways they have not done before. Being a children’s hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital has to deal with the unique scenario of dealing with two sets of patient populations: the child and the parent or the caregiver. This necessitates the need to have a multidisciplinary approach to assessing any new technology. Daniel talks about digital program governance at Boston Children’s and has some practical advice for startups looking to partner on innovative approaches to digital health. Daniel also discusses emerging technologies, such as voice, that will play an essential role in healthcare, both in inpatient and home settings. Take a listen.
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