20 minutes | Nov 1st 2020

Anshul Pande: For a successful digital journey, health systems must connect with different parts of their organization and focus on the core mission.

In this episode, Anshul Pande, VP and Chief Technology Officer at Stanford Children’s Health discusses their digital journey and covers digital programs such as remote monitoring, telehealth, and how to make data useful and readily available to the clinicians. Anshul states that for a seamless digital front-end experience, back-end IT infrastructure must be in place, and it is important to understand how the software layers are designed. Both of these helps deliver a better experience for the provider and patient. COVID-19 has led the healthcare industry towards ‘fail fast and get comfortable with the experimentation’ approach. Anshul advises health systems to engage with different stakeholders within the organization and focus on a single mission. Take a listen.
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