8 minutes | Dec 20th 2017

231 Motivation Comes From Within

Often people look to outside sources to find the motivation to get through tough times, or to simply get through a tough day. However, what most people do not realize is that it always comes from within.   The constant search for external motivation often keeps people stuck in a particular place as no one is able to motivate someone to do anything.  Motivation is an internal state of mind, that is solely controlled by our thoughts and actions.  The only way we are able to motivate ourselves is to look deep and remind ourselves why we must achieve our goals in life.  We must always look inward to find what we are looking for within ourselves.  While the world is full of answers, only inside can we find the reasons why we must do what we are destined to do. The root of motivation can be traced to two baseline emotions:  Pleasure & Pain.   These two emotions drive everything that we do.  We either move towards them, or we move away from them.  As each of us is different, we must take a moment to look inward to find which of the two drives us in life.  Look at the actions you have taken in the past.  Were they done because you wanted to avoid pain, or was it because of a pleasurable sensation as the result of achieving a goal?   Once you discover which of the two motivates you, then it becomes simpler to know what actions you must take on a daily basis to find motivation.  Whenever we have days that we need a little motivation, we simply need to look within and remember which of the two baseline emotions drive us and use it to our advantage.    
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