10 minutes | Dec 18th 2017

230 Growth Is Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

If you have ever heard someone you need to play it safe in life to avoid getting hurt, then they are living a life of comfort without rewards.  In order to win big in life, you must be willing to take risks to receive the rewards you deserve. Life can be scary, especially if it means falling down.  Every great story has a backstory that's often never told.  If you look at the most successful people in the world, each of them will have a story to share about the things they did before they finally hit it big.   There is a misconception that you will hit it big on the first great idea you have.  While this can happen, often it's one of many subsequent ideas that come to us that are successful in the way we originally envisioned. Success and failure are ultimately two sides of the same coin.  You can't have one without the other.  However, most people only want to focus on the successes in life because they are sexier.  While success is great, we achieve our greatest growth thru failure. Why? When we fail, we learn how not to achieve a particular goal.  In some cases, it's a result of not training hard enough, as in the case of athletic events.  Or in business, it might be market timing or product research.  Regardless of the industry, there will always be opportunities to learn from what didn't go right. There are those who say they haven't failed in life, my response is they haven't lived!  If you are only playing it safe, and doing things that you know you will do well at, then the rewards will match your efforts.   Can it be scary to leave your comfort zone? Absolutely! But it is a must if we want to achieve growth in our lives.  The reason most people stay within their comfort zones is because of a high need for certainty.  The moment we leave it behind, we enter a world where we don't know all of the answers or expected outcomes.  We have to believe in ourselves that we have prepared enough for the uncertain moments to know how to handle them. Does this mean it will all go according to plan? Of course not. As one of my mentors once said. "Every best laid out plan is subject to change!" Once we embrace stepping outside of our comfort zone, we can begin experiencing growth in our lives!  
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