6 minutes | Dec 13th 2017

228 How To Increase Your Engagement On Facebook

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/228-how-to-increase-your-engagement-on-facebook   Over the past several days there have been numerous people posting about changes in the algorithm and wanting people to comment on their post.  The key to engagement is to create amazing content that people want to consume. Every time Facebook adjusts the algorithm that controls what content is displayed within the newsfeed, there will always be a crowd of individuals complaining that people are not seeing their content.  For starters, if you are actively running a business, you should be utilizing a page instead of a profile, but more on that later. When it comes to your personal profile, the key to having people engage with your posts is to create content that people actually want to consume.  The vast majority of individuals who spend hours each day on Facebook truly want to connect with others and engage in some form of entertainment.  Who do you know that wakes up and says to themselves, I want to be sold to today?  I'm pretty sure hardly anyone has ever said that in their life.  However, people do love to buy products or services that they believe in. If you want to increase your engagement on your personal profile or on your page, you must begin treating it as a media outlet.  Look at what news channels do each day.  They create compelling content that draws viewers in to watch their channel, often for hours at a time.  Without compelling content, none of these outlets would be in existence.  If you are unsure of this, simply go to any major news media website and look at the number of ads being displayed.  The more attractive their content is, the greater the amount of ad revenue they will generate.  Without ad revenue, a media outlet would be hard-pressed to remain in business. When you embrace the concept that news media outlets are utilizing, you will quickly discover that in order to attract an audience, you must shift your focus away from selling your "wares" to attracting people who want to consume your content each and every day.  Does this mean it will all be serious content?  No of course not.  It does mean that you must be interesting enough to gain the attention of a large following. Only when you do this will you be able to attract a loyal following who will want to buy the offers you present to them, as they will know, like, and trust who you are.    
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