10 minutes | Dec 8th 2017

226 Why Warm Audiences Matter In Marketing

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/226-why-warm-audiences-matter-in-marketing   Everywhere you look, you will see ads promoting one type of a business or another.  However, the vast majority of people are cold marketing to an audience.  While this works, there is a better way! The lifeblood of any and every business is the ability to generate leads to convert into paying clients.  As the marketplace becomes more and more crowded with advertisers promoting their businesses it is vital to look for ways to increase the effectiveness of our marketing. One of the most effective ways is to transition away from sending offers to cold audiences and instead transform them into warm relationships.  In business, it is far easier to sell a product or service to someone that already knows, likes and trusts you.  It has been a cornerstone of business since the dawn of time.  Yet, with the rapid expansion of online marketing, most businesses have forgotten this principle as they transitioned their marketing online from offline. When we market our services in person, people have a chance to interact and connect with us allowing them to get to know who we are.  While the same process for connecting with someone doesn't work online, we can do the next best thing.  Create compelling videos. Why Video? Video is fast becoming the most popular medium for connecting with audiences.  Simply look at the rise of Snapchat and Instagram Stories.  Two platforms designed primarily with video interactions in mind.  Yes, people do use images with them but look at how many users focus on creating short videos to connect & engage with their audiences. By utilizing video, we can convey emotions and let people know how we can help them with problems they are currently experiencing in their business.  This medium also allows for viewers to get to know who we are before having to buy anything.  Think about that for a moment.  Most people don't buy right away primarily because they don't know you yet.  As a result, people take their time to investigate who you are, visit your website, look at your social media content, etc.  But with video, you are able to convey your message in a way that compels them to want to know more about you. The other main advantage of utilizing video to build a warm audience is the ability to overcome objections in advance.  Objections are the one thing that will stop a sale cold in its tracks.  However, if you dispel them in advance through content, then there will no longer be any barriers for someone wanting to invest in your offerings. This strategy can be utilized in any industry, after all, we do business with people that we know right?      
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